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Toothpaste tube head manufacturing Vertical injection molding machine

Toothpaste tube head manufacturing Vertical injection molding machine

1.Upright opening and closing mold with inline screw injection for easy inlay injection molding.

2.Multi-stage PID temperature control of material tube, infinitely adjustable speed of feeding, stable molding.

3.Screen-type industrial control computer, simple operation, pre cise control low failure.

4.Double sliding plates with two lower dies slide out the operation left and right, taking products and setting inserts do not take up molding time.

5.Large operating space for left and right workstations, safer operation and easy to implant automated production in left and right workstations.

injection molding machineinjection molding machine

injection molding machine




Screw Diametermm262830303235323542354245424548
lnjection Pressurekg/cm²1410122010601245109591519071590111015901110965190516601458
Theoretical Shot Volumecm6170.8818192110112134194134194223249286325
Max.Shot Weight(Ps)g5665747485102103123178123178204229263299
Safe Shot Weight(Ps)oz2.
Max.Shot Weight(PS)cm³/sec55637367769150608782120138110127114
Injection Ratemm115115140140180
Screw Speed Max.rpm0-2050-1900-1750-1700-180
Nozzle Comtact Forcetons4.454.455.56.57.5
Nozzle Retraction Strokemm170190210210210
Number of Temperature Control



Clamping Force



Sliding block sizemm700*350800*400900*4501000*5001100*550
Tiebar distancemm375*205410*250470*280530*330620*386
Min.Mold Heightmm150/100220/70270/200430/230480/280
Opening Strokemm180200200255300
Max.Open daylightmm330/280420/350450/400685/485780/580
Ejetor Forcetons1.
Ejetor Stokemm5555555555




Max.Hydaulic Pressurekg/cm²140140140140140
Pump Outputl/min34.537.243.259.865.7
Oil Resservoir Capacityl100130150180200
Cooling Waer Consumptionl/hr400-600600-800800-1000800-10001000-1200
Pump Motor PowerkW/HP3.7/5HP5.5/7.5HP7.5/10HP11/15HP15/22HP
Berrel Heating PowerkW2.42.84.556
Total WeightkW6.39121620
OTHERMachine Weighttons1.71.92.353.65.3
Machine Dimensions(LxWxH)m1.8*1.5*2.381.9*1.6*2.52.0*1.7*2.652.2*1.9*2.682.35*2.15*3.3
Shipping weighttons1.
Shipping Measurements(LxWxH)m1.9*1.6*2.452.0*1.7*2.452.15*1.8*2.52.35*2.0*2.52.6*2.25*2.45

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Q1:Are you a trading company or a manufactory?

A1:We are a manufactory,can give u best service and low price.


Q2:What's your guarantee or the warranty of the quality if we buy your machines?

A2:We offer you high quality machines with 1 year warranty .


Q3:When can I get my machine after I paid?

A3:We will deliver the machines on time as the date we agreed both side.